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Mental Health Services & Addiction Treatment

Everyday Living LLC provides access to mental health services in the Las Vegas area. We offer comprehensive treatment sessions for individuals, families, and groups. Our stated objective is to get you the help you need and provide you hope and the knowledge that you are on the road to recovery.

Individual Therapy

Join a progressive process between the therapist and the person in therapy. Everything is kept entirely confidential. Our goal is to get you the help that you need. We can help with depression, trauma, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.

Group Therapy

The support you receive from group therapy is invaluable. We offer group therapy for drug and alcohol abuse recovery, anxiety, depression, and more. One of our mental health professionals with three or more people constitutes a group. Everyone is welcome.

Family Therapy

Restore family unity with family therapy. Everyone can speak in a controlled environment. This form of treatment keeps your family from becoming overwhelmed with troubling issues. We deal with depression, anxiety, and teach the importance of not judging while maintaining open lines of communication.

Group Therapy

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation

This type of rehab is designed to increase interpersonal conjunctive and behavioral responses to stressful situations and restore your ability to function at the highest levels. You will learn how to manage anger and express frustrations vocally while learning about consequences of your actions.

Basic Skills Training

Basic skills training teaches daily living techniques and guides you with lessons in managing your life with positive reinforcement. Learn about socially unacceptable and inappropriate behaviors. These services are provided to people facing challenges with conjunctive and behavioral field functioning.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention is a three-day course of treatment. An adult, 18 or older, in crisis will stay at one of our homes, and it will be our goal to stabilize the individual. Anyone may receive help with psychiatric needs, medication management, suicidal thoughts, and more. We work closely with substance abusers and those in other crisis scenarios.

Day Treatment

Our day treatment program provides intensive counseling services for youth suffering severe emotional or behavioral problems. These are daytime programs including prevocational, vocational, and activity services. We offer structured daily activities for people with behavioral disorders, substance abuse, and emotional disorders.

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Low Income Resources

Those with fixed or limited incomes may receive help with food bank, rental assistance, and bus pass referrals. We arrange transportation to and from medical appointments, and other support will be assessed on an individual basis with each client.

Other Services

• Medication Management • Transportation For Our Clients • Food Bank Resource Referrals
Food Bank Resources Food Bank