About Us


About Our Treatment Center

The well-being of each person we serve is at the heart of EDL by providing the tools and resources needed for client stabilization. As a team we aim  to provide a safe environment addressing the mental health and substance abuse challenges of each individual and our community as a whole.

Everyday Living LLC is a treatment center specializing in acute trauma, crisis intervention and behavioral services. Our treatment center is located between west Sahara and Buffalo. 


Services we provide offer support through a variety of programs and initiatives for those who need them most. Our programs are designed to serve individuals 16 and older and targeting clients with immediate needs associated with: and not limited to:

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Mental and behavioral health

  • Addiction, and substance abuse

  • Homelessness and displacement

  • Client in need of advocacy for benefits and programs they qualify for.

Our Proven Approach

We combined a safe living environment with crisis stabilization, behavioral health services and community resources to help the whole person. Our methodology has been proven effective. through assessments, clinical studies, and a diversity of modalities. Our approach is evidence based and reliable.Through our holistic approach, we can expeditiously meet the needs of our client’s well-being while at the same time building our clients trust of being more than just another number. 


Everyday Living LLC is a story of hope, where stabilization,and a belief in human potential come together to form a very special place. We are passionate about supporting adults with serious mental illnesses and homelessness and  struggling with substance abuse challenges using unique and innovative approaches to treatment.













Our Mission, Vision, & Why We Are Different

Our Mission
EDL exists to engage, enlighten, and empower individuals with behavioral health issues to live healthier lives. By providing integrated care for the whole person, everyone can experience hope and live a full life in the community.

Our Vision
We believe there is life after diagnosis, and that our challenges do not define who we are.

   EDL is Different:

  • We believe every person who walks through our doors has the potential to grow and change.

  • We believe the individuals we serve are people first. We do not define them by their mental illness.

  • We believe relationships matter and are the most important part of our services.

  • We believe in working in small multidisciplinary teams, with the individual we serve as the focus.

  • We believe in an open agency where staff and those we serve share common space in all our facilities.

  • We believe care managers are essential to assist those we serve by providing support in the community where the individual lives rather than in the office.


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The Populations We Serve

Our staff developed a crisis intervention program that targets eradicating immediate needs such as:

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Chronic Homelessness

On any given night there are more than 6,000 individuals experiencing homelessness in Southern Nevada. This includes people residing on the streets, in parks, in shelters, and transitional housing programs. It is estimated that 16,641 Southern Nevadans, including families with children, couples, youth, and individuals of all ages, will experience homelessness at some point this year, according to the 2018 Southern Nevada Homeless Census and Survey. EDL provides immediate shelter for client in our program while they complete treatment and/or mental health stabilization. EDL also provides permanent housing resources post treatment.

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Mental Health/Psychiatric Services

Mental Illness is a growing issue today with many among us suffering from addictions, depression, or intellectual impairments. Help is available from Everyday Living LLC in the form of group or individual therapy sessions, necessary skills training, or crisis intervention. If you or someone you know could use a helping hand, contact us today. Medicaid funds us and our services are provided at no cost to you and billed to your insurer.

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       Substance Abuse

In 2009, there were 9,909 people who were admitted to drug and alcohol rehabs in Nevada. Post Treatment, clients will need help transitioning into a sober lifestyle. EDL helps our clients with resources needed to:

  1. promote sober living through environmentally safe housing options.

  2.  providing coping skills,

  3. Retaining Substance Abuse Education

  4. Therapeutic services to regain self esteem and self-awareness.

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Co- Occurring Disorders

Mental health and substance use disorders( Co- Occurring)  affect people from all walks of life and all age groups. These illnesses are common, recurrent, and often serious, but they are treatable and many people do recover. EDL ensures all Co-occurring client receive treatment for both disorders to ensure client ultimate success.

        Client Advocacy

There are tons of programs in Nevada that offer resources for those suffering from chronic homelessness, addictions, mental health, and/or intellectual impairments. Client's suffering with theses disorders find it challenging to follow through with  heavy demands to get the services they need. EDL offers resources and provide follow through to ensure the client receive services they are entitled to. 

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Other Community Resources

EDL partners with agencies across Nevada, ensuring additional client needs are being met. Clothing, Food banks, bus passes, and therapeutic services, are some of the resources client's are able to obtain while being treated with EDL