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Crisis Program 

Our Crisis program is a 7 to 21-day inpatient treatment program geared to help adults 18 and over with stabilization, minimizing acute trauma crisis episodes, and or preventing inpatient psychiatric hospitalization or mental detoxification 

Transitional Program

Our Transitional Program is dedicated to providing outsourced housing options for our clients that need housing while they transition back into normal society. Clients receive a consultation, then are matched with affordable transitional placements post crisis treatment. Client's accomplished treatment goals, attend necessary therapies, groups, classes, and meetings ensuring basic needs are met for self sufficiency 

Behavioral Program 

Our Behavioral program is a 30 to 90-day treatment program designed to assist clients unable to advocate for themselves with short- and long-term goals with a history of behavioral health concerns, addictions, relapse, and life skills training. 

We are a Crisis Team that specializes in Acute Trauma and Crisis Intervention Service. We offer our clients bridge care helping our clients get from point A to point B, providing them with resources they need the most. Everyday Living programs promote stabilization, self sufficiency and a opportunity to make better choices for a better tomorrow. 

Which Program is right for you?

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Health Insurance
We Accept

Everyday Living LLC is a medicaid provider with treatment available and  covered by most insurances. For more information click the link below.

We are people-centered, and like no other treatment program in Nevada!!

Everyday Living LLC prides ourselves in our follow through! We don't just offer a service or resource, we ensure our clients receive C.O.C planing for long term care. Our clients never feel like just a number!

Meet Our Team

Everyday Living LLC has a team that not only provides a great service, but we go above and beyond to ensure each client feels loved, valued and appreciated.Take a look at the men and women that make Everyday Living  great!