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Community Mental Health Services

Mental Illness is a growing issue today with many among us suffering from addictions, depression, or intellectual impairments. Help is available from Everyday Living LLC in the form of group or individual therapy sessions, necessary skills training, or crisis intervention. If you or someone you know could use a helping hand, contact us today. Medicaid funds us and our services are provided at no cost to you and billed to your insurer.

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  • Nevada Partners
  • Apollo Medical Group
  • Doska Project Wellness Center
  • New Paradise M.B.C.
  • Ram Ministries
  • Party Supply House
  • Mental Health Counseling & Wellness Center

About Us

Everyday Living LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada, provides mental health and behavioral health support through a variety of programs and initiatives for those who need them most. We offer individual, family, and group therapy, psychosocial rehabilitation, and basic skills.

Our clinicians provide resource referrals along with integrated mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual impairment services that promote the health and quality of life of our community members. Clients must be Medicaid recipients to receive assistance, and our goal is to inspire confidence and respect as a provider of comprehensive behavioral health care and to promote the health and quality of life for our neighborhoods.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(702) 878-2424

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